Monday, Apr 06, 2020

New York, NY

Must Deliver Bad News [JOURNAL TEMPLATE]

Who loves delivering bad news to people who made mistakes and now must pay? I’m sure there are some sadistic or masochistic people who love to do this, but not me. I am scared to give people bad news because I don’t want them to feel bad. Oh! And I don’t want to be seen as an asshole who must […]

Why Do Men Lie? The Short and Long of It

Why do men lie… The short answer: Men don’t lie. Boys do. Still, you might be inclined to call some of these overgrown boys ‘men’ because they are big and hairy. Fine. Call them men, but realize you are dealing with the mentality of a child. Because they are afraid to be discovered for who they are (which includes what they’re up to – […]