Thursday, Apr 09, 2020

New York, NY

I Shouldn’t Feel Like Killing Myself

Why would I want to kill myself? I mean, I should be so happy! So full of self-esteem. I have a great life and, honestly, nothing is wrong. I should be fine.  But I’m not. I feeling like killing myself. Why?  And then I got some sage insight from a mentor, who said something like the following.  None of us […]

Beware These 10 Signs of Emotional Masochism

Disclaimer: By publishing this post, I dare not imply that psychological masochism is a conscious choice. I also don’t claim it is anybody’s fault. Emotional masochism could be a part of human character with roots that predate the normal person’s conscious awareness. In my experience, growing conscious of emotionally masochistic tendencies for what they are is a rare occurrence, despite […]