Monday, Apr 06, 2020

New York, NY

How to Stop Being an Asshole Without Losing Self-Respect

How to stop being an asshole. If you have any hope of being a real man, nothing in this post will offend you irreparably. Meaning, suck it up. You need to hear this and you know it. I do not apologize for being the messenger. It’s a privilege that I am honored to fulfill.  Are you ready to learn how […]

Three Symptoms Latchkey Children Carry Through Life

Latchkey children came into being in the 1940s but they are still a growing phenomenon globally. It is difficult to estimate how many children are being subjected to it. The term self-care is also described to explain the latchkey phenomenon. Latchkey kids are kids between the ages of 5 to 13 years who take care of themselves during or after […]

How to Deal with a Disrespectful Grown Child

Being a parent can suck. I don’t know of any greater source of pain in my own life than when my adult children have disrespected, rejected and hate me. When I look back, I can see my parental errors. The mistakes seem glaring at times, like the time I spanked my 7-year-old son after being away for three weeks. I […]

Top Four Signs Your Family Doesn’t Care About You

What are the signs your family doesn’t care about you? It seems unfathomable to some that any family could simply not care about one of its members. The reality is, families who don’t care for each other are ultra-common. If you’re a candidate for the black sheep journal, you’ll find redemption in these words. Toxic family members can cause a […]

Does it take willpower to lose weight?

Let us start with a simpler thing: do you use willpower to read this article? You have the conscious will that drives you to read, and then the rest of the good that will happen during reading will take place in your emotional part. With willpower, I make a rational decision. However, it does not apply for weight loss because […]

How Your Dark Side Can Relieve Stress

We all have a dark side, but so many of us are living in denial of it. You know the thing many of us tuck away as if it doesn’t exist, living in denial or shame from fear of what it might reveal if we investigate it. Here’s the rub: In fact, it might be right there, brewing under the […]

I Shouldn’t Feel Like Killing Myself

Why would I want to kill myself? I mean, I should be so happy! So full of self-esteem. I have a great life and, honestly, nothing is wrong. I should be fine.  But I’m not. I feeling like killing myself. Why?  And then I got some sage insight from a mentor, who said something like the following.  None of us […]

Beware These 10 Signs of Emotional Masochism

Disclaimer: By publishing this post, I dare not imply that psychological masochism is a conscious choice. I also don’t claim it is anybody’s fault. Emotional masochism could be a part of human character with roots that predate the normal person’s conscious awareness. In my experience, growing conscious of emotionally masochistic tendencies for what they are is a rare occurrence, despite […]

Unresolved Grief >> A psychological thief that saps your strength

What’s stealing your happiness? Have you ever asked yourself this question?  It all seems to be going well but you cannot put a finger on what is draining the joy out of your life. If this is you, this article will give you one big insight that could make all the difference.  It’s all about NLP anchoring. So, learn about […]

10 Things to Say to Yourself When You Make Mistakes

Making mistakes is fascinating. Is there another issue that is so common and normal yet loathsome to most people? The average person struggles through life trying to get the most out of each day. In spite of goal-setting efforts and positive morning rituals, all of us make mistakes and fall short of our best intention from time to me. We […]