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Does it take willpower to lose weight?

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Let us start with a simpler thing: do you use willpower to read this article?

You have the conscious will that drives you to read, and then the rest of the good that will happen during reading will take place in your emotional part.

With willpower, I make a rational decision. However, it does not apply for weight loss because I can decide not to eat chocolate anymore but still finish the whole bar.

My rational part has decided not to eat it, but my emotional part does not speak the same language and speaks the language of emotions. So if I want my emotional part to follow me to the result I want, I have to learn its language.

The habitual part knows how to do only what it has learned to do with perseverance and repetition, and we want to put the constancy that we place in the behaviors that we now want to leave into a new behavior before making it our new habit.

Are you wondering if there is manipulation or persuasion in this weight loss program? There is none that isn’t triggered by your desire to change.

How do you create your ideal weight loss goal?

Each lens has specific characteristics so that it can lead you to your desired result. Your habitual part knows how to do only what it has always done and to which it has become accustomed and that offers you if you do not give it very precise instructions on how to behave.

The goal must be expressed positively. So I decide what I want to achieve and not what I want to avoid. If I tell myself all the time that I don’t want to think about food or that I don’t want to be overweight, it doesn’t work! So instead, starting today, I’ll say that I want to weigh x lb. by next month.

Each goal must have a defined deadline. It doesn’t work if I say that I will go on a diet tomorrow or on Monday. The goal must be specific. I want size n, a dry face, an elastic back, etc. I want to move. What activities and how? What will I eat? What style of clothes will I wear? What will I say, and how will I feel?

The weight loss goal must be realistic. I can’t lose 10 lb. in a month if I weigh 70 kg.

The goal must be motivating. I should feel the benefits, as well as freedom, relief, and release after every meal and not just at the end of the journey. I also want to establish micro-weight loss goals that can be monitored by me or by those who follow me along the way.

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Rossella Tocco is an iNLP Center Neuro-linguistic Programming Master, Life Coach, Trainer and iNLP Center Italy Director. She has trained hundreds of people to lose weight without dieting, starting on the inside. Rossella has been sharing this method in Italy since 2015 with super successful results. Hundreds of people have lost excess weight and freed themselves of the “non-constructive” behaviors that they once connected with food. 

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