Four Kinds of People you Should Divorce

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Staying with a bad marriage partner is self-sabotage.

Still, many of us have heard, over a long period of time, that divorce is not the solution to marital problems. This, of course, is bullsh**.

Divorce is not only a viable solution to many marital problems, but it’s also a damn good one.

Let’s count the ways that divorce can help us solve marital problems.

Divorce a cheater.

Not all cheaters are alike. some may deserve a second chance. I’m not here to tell you whether or not your spouse deserves that second chance. I am here to tell you that if you want to divorce a cheater then you should.

And you can do so without feeling guilty. Cheating is one of those betrayals that stands alone so let’s say that you haven’t been the greatest husband or wife you haven’t been abusive you haven’t cheated but you’re lacking in certain qualities that your spouse would really appreciate.

So your spouse goes and cheats on you. He or she claims that if you were a better partner cheating wouldn’t have been necessary. And that is total B.S.

A betrayal like cheating is not justifiable under ordinary circumstances. If you’re not a great spouse, that still doesn’t mean your partner gets to cheat on you with a free pass.

If you’ve been cheated on, you’ve been betrayed at the deepest level and you are entitled to kick this person out of your life.

Divorce an abuser.

Abusers deserve to be alone. Yet, so many spouses feel guilty for wanting to leave their abusive partner. He won’t make it without me. He needs me. No, he doesn’t. If he needed you, he wouldn’t treat you with disrespect. 

You may be a convenient scapegoat for him but there’s no excuse for the abuse. You are entitled to not believe him when he says he’ll change. You are entitled to a divorce to preserve your own safety.

Divorce an addict.

Addicts need help. They need healing. In truth, addicts need so much more than a marital partner can provide. It is not up to you to carry the burden of your spouse’s addiction. You may feel like it’s your responsibility. Your partner may have convinced you that it’s your job to make him all better. It’s not.

First and foremost your job in life is to take care of yourself. unless you can do that you will never adequately take care of others. you know this is true, right? will your partner’s life fall apart if you leave? will he or she finally end it all? you don’t know, do you?

There’s no way you can know. It’s not your life. It’s not your mind or body. you have no control over your partner’s choices. You can only choose whether to stay or go. In many cases going is the best answer. Go without guilt. Move on to a new life that does not involve taking care of someone who refuses to take care of themselves.

Divorce a negligent spouse.

Think about it. You married someone on the hopes of having a wonderful family. it turned out that this person you married is a total flake you’re left alone to take care of the house the bills all the chores that are such a pain and you feel alone in life.

Your spouse has every excuse in the world to get out of doing all the hard work he or she isn’t interested in partnering with you to build That Wonderful Life.

Get rid of him or her. do you actually think you deserve to be with a negligent flake? If you do, then by all means, take your punishment. However, if you’re a hard-working conscientious person there is absolutely no reason to stick with an emotionally unavailable physically lazy empty person. what kind of example does that set for your kids?

It’s okay to kick this kind of spouse out of your life.

Not because I say so….

If this article as giving you any fresh ideas or added resolve, that’s your business. I have no idea who you are and certainly don’t understand your circumstances. I’m writing an article on divorce for entertainment purposes, not practical application. You’re the expert on your life, not me. Don’t take my advice because there is no advice for you on this page.

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