Gripcoin – LOL

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Yesterday I had the idea to start a crypto token so I just paid some money to a Binance chain coding wizard – MUDRA – and fucking did it! I wanted to see if I could make it appear on Poocoin.

Thus, GRIP was born. Little did I know that people would just fucking starting buying it. Then, my son went on his forums and told some people about it. Before we knew it, we were over 50K market cap. Given that I didn’t expect anyone to buy it, ever, I was blown away.

And, I set the thing up to look like a rug pull, LOL! Off all the new shitcoins that come out – only a fraction of them are safe to invest in because most coin developers these days are thieves. Nobody trusts anybody and that’s how it should be.

I could rugpull GRIPcoin but I won’t.

A bunch of kids have their crypto money invested in it and I’m not gonna tank the thing in order to make a few thousand bucks and essentially steal money from dozens of little punks sitting in their parent’s basements and trying to figure out how to make it in this fucked up world. And I’m gonna fry them?

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