i don't want to do anything

I Don’t Want to Do Anything and I’m Not F***ing Depressed!

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Inner Rebel Rant ~ I don’t want to do anything!

Let’s allow the Inner Rebel to vent some serious frustration. We’ll channel the Inner Rebel, then break down the message. Will try to learn something about why the Inner Rebel attempts to sabotage everything.

Channeling the Inner Rebel

I don’t want to do anything and I am not depressed.

You assholes who think I’m depressed because you cant‘ get me to do what you want are totally fucking nuts. Full of yourselves.

I decide what I do. End of Story!

So you can stop wasting your time trying to get me to be like you.

I don’t want to do anything, especially if it’s something YOU are expecting. How’s that fit in your high and mighty little skull? Any room for people to be fucking independent?

Or would you rather sit there believing you know what’s best for everyone and take control of their lives while feigning compassion? You assholes. You can’t do anything for me and should stop fucking trying.

I’ll do what I want and if I don’t want to do anything, then I will sit doing nothing while maintaining my personal sovereignty, thank you very much.

Responding to the Inner Rebel

You decide what you do, yes! I cannot pretend that I am able to control you. You decide what you do. And I decide what I do. I don’t want a war. Rather, to acknowledge the existing war within this soul.

I don’t see you as depressed. I see you as rebellious, suspicious, annoyed, and raging. Other parts who must deal with you on a regular basis are depressed, but not you.

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