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Living as a successful, broken person

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For some of us, life is so painful that we break on the inside.

We try to deny the pain; to cover it. We compensate for it in so many ways. We puff ourselves up in a effort to be powerful. We minimize ourselves in order to hide. We fight a thousand emotions that bid us to resist life.

But in the end, we are just…broken.

Admitting that you are broken on the inside isn’t embracing victimhood. In fact, self-victimization comes from forcing yourself to act like a non-broken person. And there are non-broken people out there. These are folks who were raised with generally loving parents in supportive environments.

Non-broken people struggle with the challenges of life, too. But they aren’t broken. Their souls have not been subject to an onslaught of emotionally overwhelming situations from early childhood.

Successful, broken people

Some broken people are homeless. I do not know how to help these unfortunates.

Other broken people are highly successful entrepreneurs, executives, artists, performers and so on. Being broken does not mean you’re a failure in every aspect of life, even though it can feel like you are such a failure.

These people look around at life – they have it all. Money, material goods. Often they have plenty of time on their hands, too. But they’re miserable on the inside. What the hell is going on? They wonder how it’s possible to be so outwardly successful and yet feel like a total failure on the inside.

Brokenness does lead to failure, which compounds the brokenness

Inevitably. broken people fail in some area of life. Most often, it is in relation to other people. Broken people tend to let others down or hurt them in some way.

If you’re all fucked up on the inside, you won’t be able to meet others’ needs and expectations very well. Healthy people will not be interested in you. Unhealthy people seeking to hash out their historical issues will latch onto you – and you-them. And you’ll replay the core issues that have always plagued you, making them part of your daily battle.

It’s a bullshit deal.

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