Monday, Apr 06, 2020

New York, NY

Bizarre Reason You Always Want What You Can’t Have

You want what you can’t have because it feels bad. To people like us, sometimes feeling bad feels good. It’s that simple. You secretly love perpetually wanting what you can’t have because the self-deprivation is pleasurable in some subtle, emotionally twisted way. Now, you may not know what you really want out of life but getting that daily hit of […]

Living as a successful, broken person

For some of us, life is so painful that we break on the inside. We try to deny the pain; to cover it. We compensate for it in so many ways. We puff ourselves up in a effort to be powerful. We minimize ourselves in order to hide. We fight a thousand emotions that bid us to resist life. But […]

Must Deliver Bad News [JOURNAL TEMPLATE]

Who loves delivering bad news to people who made mistakes and now must pay? I’m sure there are some sadistic or masochistic people who love to do this, but not me. I am scared to give people bad news because I don’t want them to feel bad. Oh! And I don’t want to be seen as an asshole who must […]

Why Do Men Lie? The Short and Long of It

Why do men lie… The short answer: Men don’t lie. Boys do. Still, you might be inclined to call some of these overgrown boys ‘men’ because they are big and hairy. Fine. Call them men, but realize you are dealing with the mentality of a child. Because they are afraid to be discovered for who they are (which includes what they’re up to – […]

The reason you can’t escape that empty, hollow feeling in your chest

It’s an epidemic of emptiness. So many of us live our entire lives with a hollow feeling in our chests. We have a love/hate relationship with that hollow feeling in the chest, don’t we? Of course we hate feeling empty – that’s easy. But what about loving the feeling of emptiness? Do we secretly prefer to hang onto that hollow […]

Four Kinds of People you Should Divorce

Staying with a bad marriage partner is self-sabotage. Still, many of us have heard, over a long period of time, that divorce is not the solution to marital problems. This, of course, is bullsh**. Divorce is not only a viable solution to many marital problems, but it’s also a damn good one. Let’s count the ways that divorce can help […]

I Don’t Want to Do Anything and I’m Not F***ing Depressed!

Inner Rebel Rant ~ I don’t want to do anything! Let’s allow the Inner Rebel to vent some serious frustration. We’ll channel the Inner Rebel, then break down the message. Will try to learn something about why the Inner Rebel attempts to sabotage everything. Channeling the Inner Rebel I don’t want to do anything and I am not depressed. You […]

The Obstacle to Self-Esteem No One’s Talking About

Self-esteem is the holy grail of western psychology, but experts have missed the most important key to helping people get some. The path of self-esteem is said to involve: Making healthy choices Taking action/good habits Healing emotional trauma Changing core beliefs Respecting others Maintaining clear boundaries A positive mindset Effective mental strategies Self-care There are millions of words written daily […]

We’re Nearly Born Seeing Minorities as Inhuman

Anyone and everyone can be a minority. It depends where you are. Well, this is interesting, the British psychological society has a really interesting article on 10 findings that reveal the worst of human nature. We may not want to really look at these things for what they are, but… …oh my gosh, is this mindblowing. The article starts off […]

Living on Autopilot ~ How to Stop just Enough of the Time

A 5-minute stream of consciousness on autopilot living. Living on autopilot means that you’re not making conscious choices about key elements of your life. If you’re not making conscious choices, what are you doing? Living on autopilot! Living on autopilot means that your subconscious mind is in charge. This is not a bad thing. In fact, there is no way […]