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Unresolved Grief >> A psychological thief that saps your strength

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What’s stealing your happiness? Have you ever asked yourself this question? 

It all seems to be going well but you cannot put a finger on what is draining the joy out of your life. If this is you, this article will give you one big insight that could make all the difference. 

It’s all about NLP anchoring. So, learn about anchoring or just keep reading below to grab the insight and put it to work for you. 

Grief has triggers

Have you ever heard a song that made you sad and you could not figure out why? 

Have you ever visited a place that made you feel scared or uninspired or aggravated for no apparent reason? How could this happen? 

As human beings, we all have a subjective experience of the world around us. Our consciousness is unique to us and we automatically attach meaning to almost everything. This assists us in creating our likes and dislikes as well as our psychological safety.

This same blessing can sometimes be a hindrance as well. We attach meaning subconsciously to an event, place, or thing. That situation lies dormant for days, weeks, or even years. Then, one day we hear that song or run into that situation and it overwhelms us with fear and brings us to our knees.

How to stop the thief that is unresolved grief

I had an issue once with some songs playing overhead in my workplace. I had earlier in my life attached negative meanings to these songs and without realizing it they were negatively affecting me.

I realized a couple of things. It occurred to me that I had unintentionally created an attachment to the songs from my past grief. They had a meaning that was not resourceful to me. I then thought about how I never faced this unresolved grief and planned to resolve it.

Unresolved grief can be a cause of your lack of fulfillment and happiness. I found mine to be a thief that was stealing from my joy. I decided that I would not allow that to happen anymore and would do something about it. 

I have been asked many times if this is true. I can tell you that it was for me and many others I have worked with. 

It is important to learn all you can about unresolved grief and how to properly manage it. Your irritation, anger, or sadness could be turned into happiness and fulfillment. All you must do is take the steps to learn how to and your world could be forever changed.

Thanks for Jeremy Sycks for contributing this post. Read more about Jeremy’s How to Cope with Grief Coaching Program at the iNLP Center.

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